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•Work alongside the Community Event Center to provide residents of La Crescent the opportunity to celebrate and commiserate in the safe, humble, and scenic place they call home.
•Build and maintain the infrastructure of La Crescent to attract visitors and benefit residents.
•Create an environment that encompasses friendship, fellowship, and camaraderie.
•Provide a focal point to maintain community engagement and development.
•Contribute an invulnerable space to accommodate our veterans and honor their courageous actions, past and present.
•Support La Crescent’s artistic, athletic, and fundraising efforts to cultivate opportunities for our youth to grow and excel.
•Implement an epicenter for organic, natural family time, which we believe is the core of human existence and the fuel for our souls.

outdoor dining area
swing bridge


The historic Swing Bridge located between La Crescent and La Crosse at mile marker 699.8, reaches a total of 1,050 feet and 11 inches in length and has a swing span of 359 feet. Built in 1876, the bridge was originally constructed of iron and stone and cost less than $500,000. This historic span ran on steam until the 1940’s when it switched to electric power. Before construction, a dispute erupted between La Crescent, MN, and La Crosse, WI, as each city vied to have the bridge located closer to their respective downtowns. The issue was finally resolved after Congress, legislatures from Minnesota and Wisconsin, the U.S. Attorney General and War department, and federal courts decided on its final and current location over the west channel of the Mississippi River, where it is still in operation today.

Swing Bridge Pub

595 Veterans Parkway
La Crescent, MN 55947
Tel: (507) 895-1110
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